Is there such a thing as writer’s block?

No, many writers will tell you there is no such thing. If you have writer’s block, it is simply because you are afraid of something.

Will there be another book after Phoenix Rises?
I am so happy that I have completed this novel. However, I can say that there will be another novel. The story is not over yet.
Do you have any tips for new writers?

I always say that writing is like anything else, the more you do it, the more you’ll get better at it. Remember: it is just you and the

What was the biggest challenge when writing Phoenix Rises?
I knew that I was breaking new ground by discussing some of the topics included in Phoenix Rises. However, I believed it was necessary to do so in order to tell the story.
With that being said however, it is difficult to know that some people will choose not to read my book because of the subject matter.